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July 2017 Newsletter

On August 31, 2017 in News, Newsletters

Hello to all,

First off, I want to thank everyone that attended the banquet. We hope everyone had a great time. I saw a lot of past attendees and many first timers. We gave memberships to all that were not current members, which will increase our membership role. We had several past attendees that could not make it due to the timing being first of April.

Another successful banquet is in the books. We had a few less attendees this year, but the revenue was very close to last year’s banquet. Raising almost the same revenue is a testament that the product offering was better along with the appreciation shown by all. Many comments were said about how people had a great time and will be back next year.

This year we added more guns to our offering for bucket raffles. Our goal was to have quality over quantity and variety to suit all. Several guns were added to the bucket drawing, plus we gave more away just for purchasing a ticket to the banquet. The reverse bingo was a hit and will be continued next year.

I hope everyone is in agreement that the warrior program that was implemented a couple years ago is something our chapter should be proud of. If you attended, you saw firsthand how proud and appreciative Kenneth Buchanan, our last year’s recipient, was of his trophy and hunt experience. This year’s recipient, David Short will be taken on a whitetail hunt. I know his experience will be the same, and I can’t wait to present him with his trophy whitetail next year.

Our goal is to continue to do more outreach programs with the revenues received. We set budget spending based on the revenues from the previous banquet. The cost of putting on the banquet is not fully known until all the payouts are completed. (usually 30 days). Supporting youth groups in the sporting field is just one of the commitments we have made. We want to continue the Hunters Feed the Hungry and Warrior program. We will gladly look at other programs if you would like to submit any suggestions.

The success of this chapter is all due to the participation and donations received at the banquet. Those that made the commitment to attend and purchase, our board wants to say thank you. I also want to commend the board for the dedication it takes to present to our members and guest a quality banquet.

Bill Burton, who represented Safari Club International, attended and ran our reverse bingo, and there were several positive comments. He attends many chapter banquets and said we had one of the best organized and quality banquets he has attended. From the food, presentations, participation, and quality of goods offered, we should be proud.

The continued success of the chapter is no different from any other non-profit organization; having successors in place to take it down the road. With new blood comes new ideas. It also can help add the next generation of members to carry on the tradition. I made a challenge at the banquet for those that believe in what SCI represents to step up. Our goal is to pass on the experience and support to the next leaders. If you would like to be more involved with our chapter, just give anyone of us a call and we will let you know when our next board meeting is so you can attend.

Thanks again for the support shown.

Gary Acord
President of Arkansas Chapter SCI

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