2016 European Pheasant Shoot

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2016 European Pheasant Shoot

On March 9, 2016 in Events, News

Our European Pheasant Shoot was the most successful ever! We had two full 200 bird shoots with 20 shooters each. Of the 40 shooters, 23 became new members of the Safari Club International and the Arkansas Chapter of SCI. Welcome to each of you. New member, Lynn McCaig, provided me with these pictures and 272 more of the morning shooters. He shot with the afternoon shooters. Sorry, no field pictures of the afternoon shooters. The weather was as good as you could want with full sunshine.

Many of the afternoon shooters showed up early to shoot skeet or just visit. I was one of the morning shooters to stay over and watch the afternoon shoot. The shooting was not the only show. I was very impressed with the quality of the dogs and their trainers. One trainer was working two and three dogs at one time. All three dogs would watch the pheasant fall and wait to hear their name called before retrieving. The two remaining dogs would patiently wait for their turn.

Jeff Nicholas showed up with our NEW logo hats and set up a kiosk on the back of his pickup. He was selling hats as fast as he could make change!

I want to thank each of you for your support. I had a GREAT TIME. I hope you did as well. Reach out and welcome our new members.

J.C. Harcourt Tom Anderson Dewey Freeman
Koy Butler Reese Butler Henry Ketcher III
Hank Ketcher Nick Ketcher Justin Keathley
Shannon Keathley Andrew Norwood D’Anna Miller
Lynn McCaig Brent Larsen Ed Staley
Bob Howeth Rodney Bailey Tanner Bailey
Will Becker Frank Vega Andrew Vega
Banyan Livingston Dow Worsham

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