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Letter From the President

On October 12, 2020 in News, Newsletters

Hello everyone,

It is beginning to feel like fall finally. The cooler temperatures, leaves coloring up, and hunting season gets into full swing. It’s certainly my favorite time of the year as well with most people.                                                                
We just finished our first ever fun shoot at Blue Rock Sportsman’s Club (10-6) in NLR. This was open to all members and guests. It was not meant to be competitive but an experience in the clay shooting sports. There were 45 shooters ages 9-75, parents, grandparents, and friends for a group totaling upper 60’s. The great thing about this was several had never shot clay targets, skeet, trap, five stand, or moving targets of any kind. It was truly a learning experience even for many that have been shooting shotguns but not clay targets.

We had the idea of putting this event together and the turnout exceeded expectations. The shooters were not the only novice to this event. Thanks to the many that stepped in to help in scoring, pulling targets, and refilling machines, we got it done. I know anytime you want to mention those that helped, you always leave someone out. I am not fully aware of all the names or organizations that helped or attended so I apologize in advance. Saline County Shooting Sports (parents) pulled skeet and scored most of the rounds along with our members. That was a tremendous help to the success of the event. With the introduction of clay shooting, youth participation, promotion of our chapter, and signing up nine new members, the day was a success.
Our Next Event is approaching on October 28th.  European Pheasant shoot……You must hurry to the website to register. Our chapter comps a portion of the cost to members and non-members that sign up memberships at the event.

Membership Promotion
First twenty members that sign up will have their names put into a drawing for an Orca 45 quart cooler with AR SCI logo valued at $349.00.  Non-members over 18 months to qualify. Max of twenty entering and will be awarded at our Banquet March 2nd.  We signed 9 at the fun shoot so we have 11 remaining. Sign up or get your friends signed up with SCI………$30 discount from regular dues to boot!

After serving many years from the initial start of the Chapter in 1990, Bryan Fitzgerald has decided to step down as Treasurer. Bryan has had many roles in the chapter from being the second President (1990), Secretary, and most recently Treasurer for the past 14 years. He has played a vital role in the promotion of the Arkansas Chapter and in its growth. Bryan wants to pass his role to the next generation that will continue to carry on this important part of the Chapter. Amanda Gore is going to handle these duties on a short-term basis.
This position is open and needs to be filled. Anyone that is interested should contact me ASAP with any questions they may have. It is a very important that we have someone fill this position that has desire in playing a vital role in the chapter. Bryan has agreed in helping transitioning his experience to the next Treasurer.    
I personally want to thank Bryan in his dedication to the Chapter. He became a good friend to so many over the years in his involvement with the chapter. Our friendship has taken us on several hunts and even travels with his wife Marylyn.

Dr. Rick Gore has also decided to step down as a board member. He also served as past President and was on the board for several years. Rick has also played a vital role in the promotion of the chapter. His participation in banquet preparations along with input has been priceless. I am hoping we can still draw on him in the future.

What I do know is that being apart of this chapter and working with so many involved, you become very close. That relationship is strong because we enjoy and believe in the same principles. Retaining the rights we have and being able to pass on to the next generation.

New Board Members

Matthew McWilliams
David Short
Darrell Daniels
Liz Caddell

(If you would like to serve on our board, please contact me immediately. We are looking to fill several spots!)                                                                                                                                          
They have already been helpful in pushing forward the venture in our social media program. All are younger and more in tune with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. What I do know is there is so much information passed through these formats we can get more of our messages out faster.

Social Media Promotion
Our Chapter has hired Clay Newcomb Media to promote a social media program for us. He is a native of Northwest Arkansas, and publisher and editor of the only Bear Hunting Magazine in the nation. This task can only be successful with content. Content from our members is greatly needed. Hunts, fishing trips, travel experiences, do’s and don’ts in traveling. If you have any photos you would like to share we would greatly appreciate it. Trophy hunt pictures must be clean and respectful of the quarry. If desired, we can blur out faces of folks who wish to remain anonymous. This foray into social media is just now getting started so content is needed to build site. The more we have the quicker we can make a presence in the social media field.

Save the Dates:
Christmas Party- December 1st Riverfront Steakhouse 6:00
Banquet date set for March 2nd Embassy Suites Little Rock

Thank you for reading this message and supporting your chapter.                                                              
Gary Acord